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There are a number of ways that water can make its way into your basement. In order to solve the problem, you must first determine the origin of the leak. Standing water, wall drips, condensation, mold-and-mildew smell issues and that white fuzzy growth that appears on wet concrete — you likely don't need an expert to tell you there's a moisture problem in your basement. Solving this problem is another matter entirely.



Basement foundations in new homes should be constructed to handle the typical moisture content of their surroundings unlike many older homes, but even new homes do often have damp basements. There are only a handful of contributors to basement moisture, the most common being cracks in the foundation walls or basement floor.

If cracks are found allowing water to enter the home we now have options for repairs. Without costly excavation and minimal landscape disturbance, we can apply our product to the exterior of the foundation as a water resistant barrier without major excavation, or do spot repairs injecting the material through the foundation from inside the basement to seal leaking cracks.

The advantage of applying the material in a continuous layer on the exterior of the foundation, is a rigid waterproof layer of material that is unaffected by frost and also adds insulation value to the exterior of the basement walls.

Ask us about our watershield waterproofing options if you are worried about protecting your home from water.

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