After exploring the option of breaking the entire patio out and pouring new concrete, it was quickly determined that the expense to have this work done did not make it a viable option. Therefore, we pursued alternatives.

I had heard of mudjacking but was not entirely familiar with the process until a neighbour had his driveway lifted and I saw with my own eyes something that I thought to be nothing short of a miracle! After receiving an estimate and realizing not only was it very affordable and was ensured that it would be possible to solve both problems quickly, it was an easy decision to book an appointment with Liftech.

Father and son team, Jim and Scott, were not only true to their word, their professionalism and attention to detail was outstanding from beginning to end. We sincerely could not be happier with the end result and will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone experiencing problems with sunken concrete.

Thanks again Jim and Scott for a job well done!