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Liftech was founded in Saskatoon, a family owned & operated company proud to call Saskatchewan home!!

For over 10 years we have been partnering with home & business owners to help them raise / level their concrete, fix their foundations and keep their basements dry. Our customers expect exemplary customer service, and have relied on us to continuously go above and beyond to provide accurate, and honest concrete raising, repair, and waterproofing services.

Over 60% of our business is referral based on recommendations from our satisfied clients. Our customers love the work we do and recommend us again and again.

Did you know that Liftech Concrete Leveling originally was founded as a mudjacking company?

As the concrete restoration industry evolved with significant technological advances we chose to offer both mudjacking and then polyurethane concrete raising a few short years later.

Although we no longer offer mudjacking, being the first to offer polyurethane concrete raising in Saskatchewan and the only contractor in the province to use both methods we have the experience to assist a home owner with a free quote on whether they should level and repair their concrete, or replace it, they are often happily surprised they can have perfectly aligned concrete again, in a matter of minutes, saving them time and money.

That’s because when compared to concrete replacement, the process of raising concrete with polyurethane foam is inexpensive (opposed to the alternatives), and is exponentially faster than replacing the concrete. Concrete raised, leveled and repaired using polyurethane foam is often ready to sustain normal use within minutes of being leveled.

Do you have a sunken Driveway, Sidewalk or Patio? We can help!

Visit our Case Studies Section to view some of our more unique projects.

Our Vision

At Liftech Concrete Leveling we strive to provide our customers with service that is second to none, while leading our industry by using the latest technology, equipment and techniques.

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