What is FillFoam™ ?

FillFoam™ is a pre-expanded open cell foam formulated with ideal characteristics for any void filling applications. Pumped at full volume, FillFoam does not lose volume when pumped in confinement. Without the bi-product of heat, FillFoam is a safe and fast way to fill voids and cavities quickly and with limited access. Unlike Polyurethane that is ‘blown’ with a chemical reaction via water or gas, FillFoam is air blown and then the cells are hardened.

  • Immune to seasonal changes
  • In environments with freezing conditions, FillFoam has air pockets that will absorb expansion from freezing.
  • Freezing water can expand by 8%
  • In expansive clay environments FillFoam can hold water that can be absorbed back into the soils as needed.
  • This can reduce the movement associated with expansive clay soils.
  • Safe for the environment
  • Does not leach into the ground
  • Can absorb unwanted hydro carbons or liquids
  • Multiple formulas available to seal or permeate water.
  • No Heat is created during installation
  • Safe to install at any rate or quantity
  • 20 – 60 Cubic yards per hour depending on equipment
  • Highly Flowable over 500 ft
  • Increases bearing capacity of soils
  • An engineered soil replacement.
  • FillFoam will not change shape or become over burdened by water.
  • Can absorb water from overburdened soils
  • Foam disperses loads in all directions, like throwing a rock into water.
  • Concrete will only disperse weight down
  • Variable densities on demand on site
  • Can weigh as little as 3% the weight of soil
  • Very Fast to install large quantities
  • Great insulation value and sound barrier
    Open Celled
  • Will not prevent or interrupt flow of water
  • 30% close celled content. Remaining 70% to pass or absorb water
  • Hydro-Insensitive / UV-Insensitive
  • Variable Densities of 10-55 PSI on site/same material
  • Lightweight & Strong
  • FillFoam can be re-excavated if necessary
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